3 Million Users

Dear truckers,

It has been quite a journey. On 21st January 2018 we announced that TruckersMP had hit 2 million users. It is unbelievable to even think, but today we have passed another milestone of 3 million registered users. That is 3 million people who have signed up and created accounts here, 3 million people who have experienced our modification and 3 million people who have contributed to our amazing community in some way. So on behalf of the entire TruckersMP Team we thank you for joining us on this journey and thank you for playing your part in our history. As we continue our work to secure a bright future for this project, it is important to never forget how far we have come and what we have achieved. So let’s take a look back at some of the major developments and achievements since the last milestone.

last year..

January 29, 2018: Launch of our Community Contributor program – this is a program where major contributors to our community are recognized. Be it streaming on Twitch, creating YouTube videos, running contests or even just being helpful around the forums, our contributors make our community a better and more exciting place. Since launch, the group of our community contributors has grown to over 5 members who continue to contribute to and enrich our community.

March 20, 2018: Events anyone? – we finally made the event team an official rank within our staff team. Responsible for the management and support of our official events, they have successfully run Real Operations for 7 versions, public convoys, races, private event support and anniversary and milestone events. These guys are awesome and such an asset to our team.

April 29, 2018: Introduction of our Add-On Team – this small but very valuable team is responsible for the design, development and implementation of features and modifications to enhance the online game-play experience. Since it’s launch, we have seen some amazing new things being introduced to the project. There is always something being worked on behind the scenes..

May 21, 2018: Hello CMT’s! – after much discussion, we decided to create this new rank to bring together several of our moderation efforts across the community. Forum, Language and Discord Moderators were all put under this one role title responsible for the moderation across all of our non-game platforms. With this change, our team members could work in a more efficient capacity with better communication. We are pleased to report that this team is working amazingly and we are so pleased that this change was made.

September 23, 2018: Support needed? Never fear! – we officially launched our support system fully integrated into our website thanks to our amazing developers. Users can access support and help all in one, clear and dedicated section with ease. On our side, our wonderful support staff can keep track of tickets efficiently and respond to the highest priority cases with pace. A excellent addition followed by positive feedback from the community.

November 3, 2018: Human Resources – this team was implemented to assist in our internal operations. Responsible for staffing, behaviour and approach of our staff these guys have been a credit to the team. A rough launch at first but what followed was an efficient and smooth dealing of issues and problems internally.

this year..

May 1 2019: TruckersMP turns 5 years old! – we celebrated our five year anniversary. Five amazing, wonderful and interesting years of work to build up this project to where it is today. Thanks to our fans, players and staff for all that they do to make this possible. It is not easy, but we have a superb group of people working behind the scenes.

July 2 2019: Road to Simulation – we decided to change our focus to return to our roots of true simulation. With this, we altered our server settings to create simulation and arcade servers so there is something for everyone. Launch of this was generally mixed but we saw more positive feedback being sent to us. We thought that it was important – that based off your feedback – we make changes to ensure that TruckersMP is going in the right direction.

July 13 2019: VTC system – considering Virtual Trucking Companies play a major part in our community, we wanted to be able to bring all VTC’s together and make a dedicated feature for them. Within this new fully integrated system, customisable roles, ranks, VTC information, social media links, ability to post announcements, news and much more are available all within your own page right on our website. Feedback from this has been great and we’re glad that company owners are enjoying it.

September 25 2019: ProMods here we come! – after years of our users questioning and asking, we have finally agreed to implement ProMods into the multiplayer experience. We are so excited for this. Demand for ProMods has been high for years and it has taken a great deal of work to get to this point. We hope you love this new feature as much as we do! Our partners over a ProMods deserve a special thanks for making this possible, as well as our own development team.

October 2019: Official Partnerships! – we are delighted for this to become a feature of the community. Recognizing those special projects that bring so much to our community day in day out, contributing to TruckersMP in many ways to bring about a interactive, dedicated and active community within TruckersMP. A special feature that will bring with it exciting additions in the future!

So there we have it. Nearly two years and another million users part of this amazing community. We are confident that we will continue to grow and prosper in the future, with even more exciting features to come, even more developments to be made and even more fun to be had here at TruckersMP. Special thank you’s go to our staff; we could not do this without you. You are the amazing group of people that keep this project running. You really should be proud to be part of, and serve, this community each day. We once again thank YOU for all your support as we continue our journey. Truly, we could not do it without you.

To celebrate this magnificent achievement and in light the recent release of ProMods support, we have an exclusive giveaway where we will give away all ETS2 map DLC’s to one lucky winner. To be eligable to enter, you need to NOT have any of the map DLC’s for ETS2. How to enter? Simply reply to the forum topic with the a constructive message including a hashtag of #3milliongiveaway.

To additionally mark this, we will be holding a special freeroam weekend server. More details to follow.

Here’s to 4 million!

The TruckersMP Team

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