Artillery and High-Explosive shells: Important Changes for 2021. Guide Park [World of Tanks]

World of Tanks is on the verge of massive changes. Revamped High-Explosive tank shells, reworked artillery, and completely new tools to counter SPGs—all this will become a part of our game very soon. This video will explain how to play under the new conditions and use all these new features to the best advantage. Enjoy!

00:00 – Intro
00:49 – Artillery and tools to counter it
01:24 – Artillery tracers
02:14 – Markers on the minimap
02:55 – Sound detection
04:25 – Artillery shells
08:40 – Revamped Intuition skill
09:49 – Improved SPG interface
10:49 – Changes to the mechanic for causing damage with HE shells
18:45 – New battle notification types
19:27 – Improved characteristics of a number of vehicles
20:13 – Outro

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