Big Trader Sale Bonuses In Red Dead Online This Week

There’s no better time than the present to get some produce moving throughout the wild west and putting those goods in the hands of your customers, as the Trader role is in the bonus spotlight this week in Red Dead Online. There are also some free items, exciting discounts and other bonus opportunities on offer, so stay a while and browse.

Nothing helps push your profit margins out more than a good old double rewards promo on all Trader Sell missions. All that product you’re sitting on just shot up in value, so make sure to get the deliveries out to their destinations before the week is over.

What’s more, if you complete any Trader Sell mission, you’ll be eligible for a one-time bonus offer of 40% off a Novice or Promising Trader Item and any Camp Dog. The extras don’t end there – all players who successfully complete the Trade Route Free Roam Event will get twice the usual Character and Role XP rewards for doing so. Gang Hideouts similarly yield double XP upon being cleared out.

All players who are looking to purchase any Pamphlets are in for a gift, as buying any will get you a one-time free San Luis Shore Treasure Map which could lead you to some legendary riches. It’s even less of an investment now, since all non-Role Pamphlets are 30% off.

Player looking to start their careers as successful Traders can buy the Butcher’s Table at a discount of 5 Gold Bars this week, making the entry fee easier to swallow. Additional discounts include a 30% reduction on all Trader Role Outfits and Camp Fires, and 40% off on Camp Themes and Tents. Kladruber Horses and Hunting Wagons are also 4% off to make it easer to equip yourself for those lengthy hunting trips, as most of your goods will come from animal sources.

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