Christmas Special Freeroam!


We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Convoy. We sure have a treat for you over the Christmas period with the return of our Silverstone event area to the map on ETS2! That’s right, from Sunday 18th December until Friday 6th January you can experience our legendary event area and explore however you wish.

You will be able to find this on the dedicated ‘TruckersMP Christmas Special’ server, which is non-collisions to allow you and your friends to enjoy yourselves as much as you wish. Take a look below at what is included at the Silverstone race track:

The classic drag strip, which provides up to 8 lanes to battle it out with your friends to see who has the fastest truck in the fleet. Located inside the racing circuit itself you can see the trucks speed passed on the circuit nearby. It’s a view not to be missed!

Our infamous knock the cone challenge. Similar to the drag strip except this tests your stopping power as well. Aim to hit the first cone but not the back two cones otherwise you fail the challenge! This event allows up to six friends to compete against each other!

Situated on the edge of the grounds this vast expanse of tarmac offers two different types of reversing challenges. But watch out for those white lines as you need to keep inside them to successfully complete this test. There are at least four identical bays for each of the two challenges available allowing you to race your friends to see who is best at reversing!

Finally, the big finale to the group! The national circuit offers the twists and slopes of an exciting race. But watch out as there are added obstacles to look out for on the circuit!

So whether you decide to race round Silverstone, or instead enjoy other areas of the map, we hope you enjoy the chance to experience TruckersMP in a fun and relaxed way.

Amended rules for this server can be found here

Enjoy the server, and of course have a great Christmas!
-TruckersMP Team

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