Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox Server: Details

00:00 – 00:25 Introduction
00:25 – 00:56 What is a Sandbox?
00:56 – 02:18 Issues with the current crew
02:18 – 03:00 Crew 2.0
03:00 – 06:09 Skill system
06:09 – 06:38 Professional expertise
06:38 – 07:50 Training and retraining crews
07:50 – 09:18 Instructors
09:18 – 11:24 Conversion
11:24 – 12:23 Conclusion

The crew is one of the few mechanics in World of Tanks that has long remained almost unchanged. We are currently expecting a global update to the crew system. Take part in the new iteration of the Sandbox, test the new Training Plan, learn how the crew conversion will work, who the Instructors are and how to get them, and more. And, most importantly, share your opinion. We will make World of Tanks better together!

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