Dive into the thanksgiving spirit with virtual festivities in Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games has rolled out a generous November update for Red Dead Online that is giving players a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with a bounty of in-game bonuses, events, and thematic rewards.

As the festive spirit of giving thanks sweeps across the frontier, players can engage in the kind of activities that embody the essence of the holiday, bringing communities together both in spirit and gameplay.

The November festivities are headlined by the opportunity for Traders to earn triple Gold for Trader Award Trade-ins all month long, among many others.

Here’s a round-up of everything new in Red Dead Online as part of the November 2023 update:

5x RDO$ and XP for all Turkey Carcass Sales
3x Gold on Trader Award Trade-ins
2x RDO$, Gold, and XP for Bow and Arrow event
2x RDO$, Gold, and XP for Hardcore Shootout
2x RDO$, Gold, and XP for Blackwater Series
2x RDO$, Gold, XP and Role XP for Trade Route Free Roam Event

Receive an extra 1,000 Trade Role XP for completing a Trade Route Free Roam Event anytime before December 4

2x RDO$, Character XP, and Role XP for all Trader Sales
2x Trader Materials

To incentivize participation, Rockstar is offering a 40% discount on a Novice or Promising Trader Role Item for those who reach Plentiful Material Status this November. Additional Thanksgiving Week Bonuses for playing between November 21st and 27th include triple amounts of Special Health Cure, Big Game Meat, and various herbs essential for crafting in the wilderness.

The celebration of Thanksgiving within Red Dead Online extends to weekly rewards for completing a single Trader Sale. These rewards range from the Red Owanjila Hat in the first week of November to an offer for 50% off select coats as the month draws near. It hasn’t overlooked the importance of community creations either, with a free Community Outfit, curated by YouTuber witch’s luck, available for claim until December 4th.

Red Dead Online continues to draw players despite losing full support over a year ago.

Moreover, the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalogue sees a revival of returning clothing items available for a limited time. These classic pieces offer players a chance to outfit their characters in styles that harken back to the heyday of the Old West.

In addition to the festive content, players are treated to significant discounts throughout the month. Notable markdowns include 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher’s Table and 30% off on a variety of items ranging from the Hunting Wagon to Trader Role Items, to Belgian Draft Horses. For the camp aficionados, there’s a hearty 40% off Camp Flags as well as Themes, Rifles, and Shotgun Ammo, making it an ideal time to stock up and spruce up one’s homestead.

The impressive sales figures of Red Dead Redemption 2, now topping 57 million, and the sustained success of GTA 5, point to a thriving community of players who continue to engage with Rockstar’s expansive online offerings.

Rockstar has shifted from weekly to monthly updates for Red Dead Online for over a year.

With the holiday season approaching, the November update to Red Dead Online is a gift that keeps on giving.

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