Feedback February: Take part in three short surveys this month!

Last Summer, we conducted a community survey, to which we received many responses – thank you for sharing your views! Some of the things you shared with us required additional information to interpret. In order to do that together with the community, we invited community representatives to the user panel we announced along with the survey. Some productive discussions have followed since then, including topics about game moderation and server configuration (which entails settings such as collisions and server speed limits). As we move forward, we would like to gather more insights from the wider community to refine our approach.

We are aware of dissatisfaction regarding our game moderation and have taken note of numerous complaints and concerns from within and beyond our community. Furthermore, we have received much feedback about our server configuration, particularly with regards to the server speed limits we enforce on the Simulation servers. In short, a lot of the feedback we have received has challenged the ‘Road to Simulation’ initiative we launched in 2019 (see blogs below).

Road to Simulation blog 1 | July 2019

Road to Simulation blog 2 | August 2019

Road to Simulation blog 3 | February 2020

Announcing a series of short surveys
The feedback from the community survey provided mere indications for the most part. In order to align our practices with the community’s needs, we hope you can help us by providing more specific insights. Throughout February, we will therefore be conducting short 5-minute surveys every ‘long’ weekend on a specific topic, with the surveys opening Friday afternoon and closing Tuesday night (UTC time zones).

Surveys will be posted on the following dates:
Feb 10-14 | Game moderation
Feb 17-21 | Server configuration (has been extended to the 28th due to high interest)
Feb 24-28 | Community Platforms: Forums and Discord

Stay updated!
Please keep an eye on the Polls & Surveys page this month if you wish to participate and voice your opinion.
You can also stay updated by joining our Discord server or following our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
The results will be shared via a blog post later in March.

Thank you in advance and see you on the roads!

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