Halloween 2021 Events

Greetings, truckers!

The spooky season is approaching us! Last year in 2020, we held what could be described as a casual drive to some.

Some truckers thought otherwise, witnessing creatures appearing and trains gliding across the road at frightening speed!

Will they return for 2021 though? Maybe they are not brave enough? Turn up on the day to find out!

However, no matter the freightening roads, on the 30th and 31st October freight must still travel across Europe! If you’re a trucker looking to push your bravery to the limit and show who is simply not bothered about the time, weather or place, we’re hosting two unique events to surely test that!

Still reading? Great, we haven’t scared you off just yet then!

Halloween Convoy – Saturday 30th October

The freight must still travel across Europe and many truckers simply will not travel, due to witnessing dangerous and spooky events! This is why we need you to join us to ensure that the freight is delivered. Join us on the 30th of October at 17:00 UTC as we travel through the night sky! Oh and your cab door? You may want to double check that is locked. Oh you just locked it, okay good.

The convoy will start in Lyon in France which we will then travel to Dortmund.

We have a rough idea of the route, but an alien has corrupted the file. Set your GPS for this route, but we cannot promise this will be the route!

The route to follow:

Halloween Hunt – Sunday 31st October

We have had reports that ghosts have been spotted whizzing around France! We need your help to find all the ghosts! However, it will not be easy. The pitch black sky circling above makes it nearly impossible to locate them! So, can you be the one who finds them the quickest?

This event will start on the 31st of October 2021 at 16:00 UTC. In order to participate, you must be parked in a city within the area below to begin.

You will have four hours, from 16:00 – 20:00 UTC to make your journey through France.

The decision of which road to take is up to you. Garage travelling is accepted.

You will be hunting for ghosts in these colours:

White, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, aqua, dark blue, purple, violet, pink and brown.

The area is here:

If you think you can, you’ll be in for a chance to win a prize! That’ll surely be better than going trick or treating, right?

Halloween Hunt Prizes – Sunday 31st October

Following your hard efforts hunting down the ghosts, here’s what is up for grabs:

Winner (first to find all ghosts and submit) – £25 Steam Gift Card

Runner-up (second to find all ghosts and submit) – £14 Steam Gift Card

Runner-up (third to find all ghosts and submit) – £10 Steam Gift Card

Halloween Hunt Disclaimer – Sunday 31st October

Digital gift cards will automatically convert to your local currency. Prize winners will be announced after the event!

All participants which successfully hunt all twelve ghosts and submit via the form will receive a special Award on their profile!

Profile Awards are very exclusive and a great way to show off your skills and participation. Don’t miss out!

Additional Event Info: Alternative Timezones | Event Rules | DLC: None required | Server: Official Halloween Convoy

Happy trucking!

-TruckersMP Team

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