Legendary & Infamous Bounty Bonuses In Red Dead Online This Week

Grab your lasso, pack your bolas and stock up on ammo – it’s open season in Red Dead Online, except your not after wild game, but rather are hunting the worst criminals the wild west has to offer. Various bonuses across a selection of Bounty Hunter activities are offering extra XP and cash, and there are other promotions might strike your fancy too.

It’s time for Red Dead Online’s most popular Role to shine again with ever Bounty mission rewarding diligent hunters with twice the usual Role XP, allowing you to climb those rank and unlock the most powerful tools in the Bounty Hunter’s arsenal all the faster.

Meanwhile, Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events dial back the bonuses a bit in favor of some diversification – these activities only give a 1.5x bonus on Role XP, but match that in RDO$ extras as well, allowing you to line your pockets a little faster than usual. Enjoy this extra kickback through the 8th of June.

Some extra goodies await Bounty Hunters who have already progressed far in their profession. Prestigious Bounty Hunters will receive a free care package consisting of a Treasure Map and 100 rounds of High Velocity Rifle Ammo simply by logging into Red Dead Online. Meanwhile the conversion rate of role XP to Gold for those of you who have reached Rank 30 is doubled, meaning 10,000 Role XP will net you a whole Gold Bar.

If you have yet to embark on your journey as a Bounty Hunter, there is some extra incentive beyond the bonuses this week – buying a license will also get you 25 Throwing Knives and 50 rounds of Split Point Repeater Ammo. If you are ready for the next level, then the Prestigious Bounty Hunter upgrade has been discounted by 3 Gold Bars.

There are plenty of ways out in the frontier to test your skill against that of other roamers and outlaws: Bow, Headshot, Horseback, Longarm and Sidearm Kill Challenges, Fishing Challenges, and Wild Animal Kills Challenges, together known as Competitive Free Roam Events, are rewarding contestants with double the usual XP.

Limited time items available this week include the Dillehay Hat, the Benbow Jacket, the Tied Pants, the Calhoun Boots, the Darned Stockings and the Woodland Gloves. You can pick up all bolas at half their usual price, while Improved Saddles, Double Bandoliers, Shirts, Corsets, Dresses, Prestigious Bounty Hunter Outfits, Emotes and Wagon Tints are all 30% off.

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