TruckersMP 7 Year Anniversary – Events


We are approaching a very special time of the year once again, as in just under a week, TruckersMP will be turning 7!

On the 1st May 2014, TruckersMP (formerly known as ETS2MP) opened its doors to the public. Fast-forward to today; with over 4 million players as well as over £50,000 raised for charities at events in the community over the past 7 years which is a massive achievement, and millions of hours combined playtime, the success speaks for itself!

For TruckersMP, the anniversary is always a special time of the year. It reminds us of how awesome our community is and what we have accomplished together. For that reason, it is important to come together and celebrate the success.

Show your support by wearing #TMP7 in your player tag!

With that said, we are very excited to announce our celebration plans coming in just a few days…

Friday 30 April 2021

To begin our 7-year anniversary celebrations, we are inviting everyone in the community to join us for an exclusive event, never seen before in the community!

Like last year, we are partnering again with Truckers.FM to bring you a one of a kind 6-hour Festival!

Located in Silverstone, Nearby London we are opening up our Festival on a huge site next to the race track where our Tournament was located last month. This will include a spectacular custom stage, lots of party decorations, a custom dragstrip, race track and most importantly – great music broadcasted to you LIVE from the Truckers.FM studio.

You can send song requests, shoutouts and listen in-game with our new built in radio feature for Truckers.FM on the in-game tab menu.
All you have to bring is food and drinks! 😉

Not only that, but we will also be hosting other great content, such as; competitions, giveaways, shoutouts, and even interviews with TruckersMP Developers and Management!

So please join us at the festival, enjoy the music, and party with our staff and the community!

Directions to the festival at Silverstone will be provided from London. A trailer is not required. Both trucks and cars are welcome.

The festival will be open on Friday 30th April between the hours of 17:00 – 23:00 UTC.

Alternative Timezones:

Server: TMP7 Festival

The Festival server will be Non Collision, meaning your fun won’t be cut short by someone blocking you from coming to the Festival. Everyone is welcome!

Saturday 1 May 2021

Our second day of celebrations will bring us to American trucking! This year we will be starting from inside the land of S Crops at Santa Maria, where there is a large parking area, which is just off the highway junction of the 101.
We will be departing the S Crop location of Santa Maria and be heading across America to the famous and well known Tucson Race Track. Along the way we will be announcing some giveaways throughout the convoy, so make sure you have your radio on & keep an eye on the announcements in-game for those as well as on the road.

Departure Location: S Crop, Santa Maria.

Departure Time: 17:00 UTC

Destination Location: Race Track, Tucson.

Estimated Convoy Time: 2 Hours

Alternative Timezones:

Server: TMP7 Convoy

Convoy Rules:

Sunday 2 May 2021

For day three, we will be returning back to Silverstone to depart our final convoy, which will be heading across the United Kingdom. This route will feature the departure from our Festival site will be a sight to behold as well as we travel through the scenic views of what Great Britain has to offer!

There is large parking areas on site at Silverstone near the F7 Repair Shop.

Departure Location: Silverstone, near London

Departure Time: 17:00 UTC

Destination Location: Swansea

Estimated Convoy Time: 2 Hours

Alternative Timezones:

Server: TMP7 Convoy

Convoy Rules:

TMP7 Freeroam

And that’s not all! In addition to our three action-packed days of celebrations like last year, we are excited to bring back and announce that we will be returning our exclusive ‘Freeroam’ server!

If you celebrated with us last year, you may remember that for the second time ever, we released a unique server in which the community could play online in a ‘sandbox’ environment. It was a massive success, and once again as a thank you to the community, we will be reopening it again exclusively for our TMP7 celebrations.

So what’s special about this server? On our TMP7 Freeroam [No Road Rules] server, players will be granted access to our staff-exclusive Police car!

And, to ensure you can enjoy the experience with reduced restrictions, the server will have no road rules enforced, with the player collisions ON.

The server will be available on Euro Truck Simulator 2 & an new addition for this year will also be American Truck Simulator for the first time, exclusively between Monday 3rd May – Monday 17th May.

Click here for TMP7 Freeroam server rules!

Thank you for playing! <3

-TruckersMP Team

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