World of Tanks Official Soundtrack: Kraftwerk

The sound of steps slushing in the snow welcome players to Kraftwerk. At first, single footsteps can be heard, but as the piece picks up, more and more boots are heard. Gradually, the approaching enemy can be heard.

As the soundtrack evolves, the steps become more brisk and closer together until the opposing forces are charging at one another as war cries are screamed. The battle goes quiet, until only the wisps of the wind can be heard. Their battle is over; yours is just beginning.


01.49 Andrius Klimka – Kraftwerk (intro)
03.02 Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka – Kraftwerk (battle)

Composed by Andrius Klimka & Andrey Kulik
Post-production – Sergey Komar
Music supervisor – Aleksey Tomanov

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