World of Tanks Official Soundtrack: The Great Race


00.00 Aleksandr Khilko – Race 2019

This is for all great racers in World of Tanks! The effervescent rhythmical pattern of The Great Race’s soundtrack perfectly conveys the spirit of this long-awaited game mode.

The tense discretion of a player still unaware of what to expect changes abruptly to the life-affirming rhymes of drum ‘n’ bass: the race’s on! Steep turns. Free-fall drops. Each curve of the highway is a new challenge and another reason to trade paint with everything in your way. To win you’ll need to speed towards to the goal, no matter what is happening around you

Composed by Aleksandr Khilko

Post-production – Sergey Komar

Music supervisor – Aleksey Tomanov

Copyright © 2019

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