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  • Supporters Convoy – Sunday 25th February 2024
    on February 14, 2024 at 9:12 pm

    Greetings truckers! Are you prepared for our Supporters Convoy? Similarly to our previous supporter events, Patrons, Nitro Boosters and Twitch Subscribers will all be able to join us on this lovely scenic route through America! Join us on Sunday the 25th of February 2024 at 18:00 UTC (Alternative Timezones). The convoy duration is estimated to be 90 minutes. There are no scheduled breaks or fuel stops; you are welcome to pull over into a safe place should you require some rest. Feel free to comment or ask any questions in the patron or supporters channel on our Discord! This is a Patron, Nitro Booster and Twitch Subscriber exclusive event which means you must have an active subscription to one of our Patreon tiers, be a Nitro Booster on our Discord or have an active subscription to our Twitch channel. Please note that to be eligible to join as a Twitch subscriber you must be in our Discord with a connected TruckersMP account as well as having your Twitch account connected to your Discord profile. If you do not do this before the 23rd of February 2024 you will not be able to participate! Not a Patron yet, but want to participate? It is not too late, make sure you become one of our Patrons before the 24th of February 2024! Become a Patron here. Don’t forget to connect your Patreon account with your TruckersMP account! Not sure how you can do this? Click here! You can also subscribe to our Twitch channel here! Don’t know how to connect your Discord account? Click here! Note: If you’re boosting our Discord before the 23rd of February 2024 you are also able to participate. Departure: Price, Utah Destination: Ely, Nevada DLC: Arizona, Nevada & Utah Don’t forget to mark your attendance on our event page! Make sure to check out the event rules! We look forward to seeing you there! -TruckersMP Team

  • TruckersMP 2023 Recap
    on February 2, 2024 at 3:01 pm

    IIt’s a new year, and that means we all look forward to what this year has in store. Today, however, we’re taking a moment to look back and reflect on 2023 and examine how the year unfolded in terms of a few statistics and insights! Summary User Activity Earlier this year, we achieved the milestone of 5 million registrations! To give you an idea, that’s nearly as many people as the combined population of the world cities Berlin (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain)! The number of registered users increased by an average of 32K new players per month throughout the year. On average, 36K unique users played per day and 229K per month. Together, they played for a total of 24 million hours on the servers. On average, users played for 109 minutes (~2 hours) per session and 523 minutes (~9 hours) per month. The busiest day on our servers this year was on October 29th during the Halloween event, with 59K unique players and a collective playtime of 114K hours. December turned out to be the busiest month on average, with an average of 44K unique players per day and 80K hours of playtime per day. Furthermore, the community gathered almost 2 million achievements and 6750 awards across the year, and started a whopping 4.4 million jobs in just November and December (of which roughly half were completed while on the servers)! The community also engaged in delivery events as part of the Fruity Freight Fiesta and Halloween events, respectively completing 270K jobs in June and 81K in October. Enforcing Driving Safety Managing such a large number of players also comes with the responsibility for our team to maintain order on the servers and let users play in harmony with each other. Players who misbehave or spoil the fun for others can be reported. Throughout the year, we received a total of 1.4 million reports, with approximately 1.2 million in-game reports and 213K web reports. Together, these resulted in 222K bans (including 5144 permanent bans), with 104K issued retrospectively via web reports and 118K directly in the game. In response to these bans, we received a total of 71K appeals (meaning roughly 1 appeal for every 3 bans), of which 6% led to a modification of the ban duration or a complete lifting of the ban. Technical Support Our Support Team stood ready to assist players in need throughout the year. They provided assistance in over 53K support tickets. Thanks to our international and flexible team, we can offer this help in multiple languages, allowing players who may not be proficient in English to participate in the community as well. Out of the 53K support tickets, most (35%) were handled in English, followed by Turkish (22%), Russian (12%), German (9%), and Polish (7%); the remaining 15% involved other languages. Previously, we managed support-related matters through the help section on the forum, which is used to a lesser extent today but where our team still stands ready; in 2023, it involved 524 support topics. Additionally, community members can assist each other and interact with our support team through the support channel on our Discord server; this year, over 191K messages were exchanged in our support section on Discord. Furthermore, the team processed 3742 ModMail tickets via Discord this year (some of which are also related to Discord moderation). Virtual Trucking Companies By the end of 2023, over 162K users were members of one of the 50K Virtual Trucking Companies (VTCs). About 40% of all VTCs are ‘lone wolves’, where the owner is the only member. At the end of the year, 668 VTCs had more than 20 members, with 306 VTCs having more than 50 members; 94 VTCs held the Validated status, and 58 had the Verified status. Three VTCs surpassed the magical threshold of 1000 members: China ACC Team, China RPG Team, and Viva Trucking. Congratulations on that impressive achievement! The majority of VTC members were part of small- (2-4 members) to medium-sized (5-19 members) VTCs: 39% and 15% of all members, respectively. Over 14% of all members were part of a VTC with an accredited status (Validated or Verified). The top 1.3% largest VTCs possessed 33% of all VTC members! Events Users frequently come together in various ways. Some do so by exploring busy areas, while others attend or organise events. Throughout the year, a total of 3441 events were organised, with 76% hosted by VTCs. That averages out to 9 events per day! For these events, a collective 280K sign-ups were made by individual players and 42K by VTCs; that’s an average of 81 individual and 12 VTC sign-ups per event! The most sign-ups in 2023 were for our official event Real Operations V15 (2549 individual and 176 VTC sign-ups). The two most popular events organised by the community were Trucky 6 Year Anniversary (876 individual and 57 VTC sign-ups) and RCCG Real Operations V1 (607 individual and 121 VTC sign-ups). For 34% of the events, a request was submitted to organise them on one of our dedicated event servers. These are private servers specifically tailored to managing large and important events, providing event organisers the opportunity to run events under special rules and conditions. This year, we were able to facilitate 72% of these requests, free of charge. Community Platforms TruckersMP community members seeking interaction outside the game primarily gather on our forum or our official Discord server. To date, over 292K users have accounts on the forum. Collectively, they were responsible for 3405 new forum topics and 42 thousand posts in 2023. Additionally, a total of 43 thousand status updates were shared, and you all responded massively with 124K reactions (with LIKE at 31% and AWESOME at 21% being the most used reactions). The top 3 community members who received the most reactions to their forum content this year were Killua (4651 rep), L-DR@GO (3165 rep), and 3749771 (3122 rep). In December, we hit the magical milestone of 200K users on Discord! Thanks to you, our server is and has remained among the top 1% largest Discord Communities in the world (both globally and within the Gaming category) — thank you! Additionally, 23K Discord servers are subscribed to and stay updated with our announcements in their own servers. Together, you exchanged more than 2.8 million messages and spent almost half a million minutes in voice channels on Discord! TruckersMP Team Our team has been quite active this year, growing significantly to continue delivering all the services you expect from us. Throughout the year, our team expanded from 208 to 271 members, a net growth of 30%! This growth is spread across all teams. To give some examples: the Game Moderation Team went from 104 to 132 members, the Add-On Team from 4 to 10, the Translator Team from 21 to 29, the Event Team from 31 to 44, and our Media Team doubled from 7 to 14. New team members joined through one of the eight recruitments held this year, through which we received a total of 2306 applications, of which 134 (6%) were successfulin the end. The most popular department, based on the number of applications, was our Game Moderation department, with 1388 applications (60% of the total). Interested in joining as well? Keep an eye on our recruitment page and socials! Fun Facts Time!* * based on Data from November and December Lights on, folks! Players got the boot 178K times for forgetting to turn on their lights. Yep, even Twitch streamer LIRIK got caught twice on December 22 (you can check the VOD here). We would love to see you back on our servers in the future – just remember to flick those switches, Kappa! Naptime kicks! A total of 2.1 million kicks happened due to players catching some Zs. Don’t snooze too long, or you might lose your spot! Overambitious drivers alert! 2118 automated kicks were issued because players tried to tackle the Kirkenes quarry adventure with double trailers. Come on, guys, that road isn’t made for such long trailers. Let’s keep it sensible! Fix it, fix it real good! The most used command? /fix with a whopping 2.9 million times. And oh dear, 11 thousand of you forgot the slash and just typed fix. Whoops! Over 4.4 million jobs were started on the servers, of which 52% was completed! 10% were cancelled, while the remaining 38% was lost in the void (which includes ending the job after disconnecting from the TruckersMP servers, ending it in singleplayer or in Convoy mode, or never ending the job). What about the chat? “Sorry” and its variations hit the chat 304K times in just two months, and ended up being the most used term. And guess what’s right behind it? Over 173K mentions of “rec,” with 12K of them being the infamous “rec ban,” which some players tend to say when they have recorded an incident on the roads. Coincidence? We think not! Wave it like you mean it! Players sent 83K waves to each other. Keep those friendly waves coming, o/ Hello, Hallo, Salut, Ahoj, Privyet! From all non-English greetings, Turkish greetings (commonly abbreviated ‘sa’ and ‘as’) clocked in at 74K times. Salam alaikum, kankas! Our German pals followed with ‘moin’, which amounted to 9K times. Guten Tag, liebe Freunde! We noticed that various German VTCs were quite active recruiting in-game, but Husky Logistik stole the show with over 6K messages in just two months. Talk about active recruiting! Shoutout to our German Huskies! That’s another year wrapped up! Here’s to another year of adventures and exciting developments in the TruckersMP community. Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey! Keep those wheels turning, and we look forward to seeing you on the roads in 2024. Safe travels!

  • Winter on TruckersMP – Island & Photo Contest
    on December 21, 2023 at 5:50 pm

    Greetings! Winter is in full swing, and so is a winter-themed update to TruckersMP: Winter Island. We are also supporting winter mod and are organizing a photo contest to give you a great seasonal experience! Winter Island Are you enjoying SCS’s Christmas Winterland event? Well, we have got one of our own! Our Winter Island features amazing decorations made by our Add-On team and beautiful spots for pictures that you can share with the community. The Winter Island is now available on all of our Euro Truck Simulator 2 servers! From festive lights and giant snowmen to Christmas trees and presents, we have everything to make your experience unforgettable. Explore the island with your friends, take pictures, and celebrate the festive holidays here on TruckersMP! The Winter Island is located in the middle of the North Sea, between the United Kingdom and Denmark. You can access the island by taking the ferry from either Rotterdam or Newcastle to Bergkirchen. Photo Contest & Rewards But that is not all! Corresponding with the Winter Island we are launching a photo contest with rewards. Don’t worry: we also want to give novice photographers a chance. That is why there will be four simple categories: Best overall picture Best truck picture Best landscape picture Funniest moment All you have to do in order to participate is to fill out this Google Form. The contest will run from December 21st, 2023 until January 6th, 2024. The winning pictures will be announced soon after. The winners of each category will receive a special profile award and a 5 EUR Steam Gift Card as a token of appreciation. Have fun taking pictures on the island! Make sure to use #TMPWinterIsland when sharing your pictures on our socials, we cannot wait to see them! Charity Event As you might remember, we hosted our Christmas Convoy last Saturday. The Christmas season is a time of giving, which is why we decided to support Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organisation. We have already raised over 2,000 USD for this charity! Direct Relief is active in more than 80 countries with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. They also support medical facilities throughout the world with protective gear, medicine, and other care for those affected by an emergency crisis, such as the Turkey-Syria Earthquake, Hawaiin wildfires, Morocco Earthquake, and more. Visit our fundraiser page: Donate now! The fundraiser ends on December 31st, 2023. We will be accepting donations from the page above only. All funds go directly to Direct Relief. As a thank you to anyone who donates, we will be adding a ‘Supporter’ Award to your profile. In order to acquire it, you will need to donate through our official donation link and make sure to select the “TruckersMP Profile Award” as a reward. Do not forget to add a link to your TruckersMP profile! Your award will appear in a few days. Winter Mod As part of our yearly tradition, we also again support Grimes’ Frosty Winter modification to use on TruckersMP in the 2023-2024 season. By installing the winter mod you will be able to have snow on our servers. There are also optional add-ons that you can download, such as frosty wheels, clean roads, and winter physics. Find out more about installing the winter mod in this knowledge base article!. We hope you are as excited about these features as we are. Let’s have a great winter season here on TruckersMP! Let us know what you think on the forum or Discord and be sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #TMPWinterIsland or #TMPWinter. Please keep in mind that most of our team members are volunteers and many of them are taking a break around the holidays to spend some time with friends and family. Support tickets, reports, appeals and feedback tickets may take a bit longer to be handled. We appreciate your understanding. -TruckersMP Team

  • Christmas Convoy 2023
    on December 7, 2023 at 11:19 am

    Greetings! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you did not know, every year the TruckersMP community comes together to celebrate an important holiday… Christmas! As a well-known tradition in the community, hundreds of players and our team get together and attend a massive 12-hour convoy. We are excited to confirm it is returning in 2023! You can find the event post here. In addition to a 12-hour convoy, we would also like to encourage you to please consider donating to Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organisation, active in more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. They also support medical facilities throughout the world with protective gear, medicine and other care to those affected by an emergency crisis, such as the Turkey-Syria Earthquake, Hawaii wildfires, Morocco Earthquake and more. Visit our fundraiser page: Donate now! We will be accepting donations from the page above only. All funds go directly to Direct Relief. As a thank you to anyone who donates, we will be adding a ‘Supporter’ Award to your profile. In order to acquire it, you will need to donate through our official donation link and make sure to select the “TruckersMP Profile Award” as a reward. Do not forget to add a link to your TruckersMP profile! Your award will appear in a few days. We will announce milestones and major donations on the event server during the convoy and also on social media. Our Christmas Convoy will be on Saturday 16 December 2023, starting from 09:00 UTC, and finishing 12 hours later at around 21:00 UTC! To see when each convoy starts in your timezone, check out our timezone converter link. Departure time: 09:00 UTC Start: Hannover, City End: Paris, City DLC: None Departure time: 11:30 UTC Start: Paris, City End: Milano, City DLC: Vive la France ! Departure time: 16:00 UTC Start: Milano, City End: TruckersMP HQ, City DLC: None Departure time: 18:30 UTC Start: TruckersMP HQ, City End: Daugavpils, City DLC: Going East + Beyond the Baltic Sea From everyone at TruckersMP We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and hope to see you on the convoy with us! -TruckersMP Team

  • Real Operations V15!
    on November 11, 2023 at 2:09 pm

    Greetings! Our biggest and most immersive event is back! Introducing Real Operations V15 with its wide range of custom vehicles, massive operations and so much more, it’s an event not to be missed. Real Operations V15 will take place on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and will feature lots of vehicles and operations, there just might be something to see on every turn, city and highway you drive on during this Real Ops. This is TruckersMP’s most popular event and you’ll be joined by thousands of players experiencing our most thrilling European adventure. Everything you will see at the event will be happening in real-time for you and your fellow truckers to witness. From emergency vehicles responding to incidents, including; fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, to dynamic custom roadworks, rescue missions, and even police chases! Real Operations V15 Our fifteenth edition of this thrilling and immersive event is just around the corner so there’s not long to wait to join this large-scale event. We’re very excited to confirm the event will be live on Saturday 25th November 2023 between the hours of 16:00 – 20:00 UTC. That’s four hours to experience the real operations. If you’re not sure when you can play in your timezone, please refer to our Alternative Timezones. Real Ops V15 will be held around eight different cities ranging from Poznan, Berlin, and Prague. All of the cities and roads where the operations take place are shown in the event zone map below. As a reward for experiencing Real Operations V15 you will receive a unique special achievement on your profile. In Real Operations, you can choose which city you start in, and where you want to end. You can take a trailer with any destination or use your own trailer if you’ve purchased one. You don’t need to set a destination, either! Participants are welcome to freely roam on the highlighted roads above to experience any route they choose. Want to check out that awesome operation again? You can always return to the operation by turning around safely, using a junction, or simply going around in a circle! Just don’t stop in a live lane! This is going to be a unique event and as such the temporary rules have been adjusted to ensure it goes smoothly. It is strongly suggested that you read them before attending the event to ensure that you fall within them! Some important details if you want to join: Server: Real Ops V15 Temporary Official Event Rules: Click here! You can sign up to the event here! It is also recommended that you read our Smart Sign knowledge base article. If you have any feedback about our Real Operations event we’d love to hear from you – let us know what you think on the forum, Discord or by submitting a feedback ticket to Event Management We hope you can join us for this not to miss event. -TruckersMP Team