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  • Halloween 2021 Events
    on October 24, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    Greetings, truckers! The spooky season is approaching us! Last year in 2020, we held what could be described as a casual drive to some. Some truckers thought otherwise, witnessing creatures appearing and trains gliding across the road at frightening speed! Will they return for 2021 though? Maybe they are not brave enough? Turn up on the day to find out! However, no matter the freightening roads, on the 30th and 31st October freight must still travel across Europe! If you're a trucker looking to push your bravery to the limit and show who is simply not bothered about the time, weather or place, we're hosting two unique events to surely test that! Still reading? Great, we haven't scared you off just yet then! Halloween Convoy - Saturday 30th October The freight must still travel across Europe and many truckers simply will not travel, due to witnessing dangerous and spooky events! This is why we need you to join us to ensure that the freight is delivered. Join us on the 30th of October at 17:00 UTC as we travel through the night sky! Oh and your cab door? You may want to double check that is locked. Oh you just locked it, okay good. The convoy will start in Lyon in France which we will then travel to Dortmund. We have a rough idea of the route, but an alien has corrupted the file. Set your GPS for this route, but we cannot promise this will be the route! The route to follow: Halloween Hunt - Sunday 31st October We have had reports that ghosts have been spotted whizzing around France! We need your help to find all the ghosts! However, it will not be easy. The pitch black sky circling above makes it nearly impossible to locate them! So, can you be the one who finds them the quickest? This event will start on the 31st of October 2021 at 16:00 UTC. In order to participate, you must be parked in a city within the area below to begin. You will have four hours, from 16:00 - 20:00 UTC to make your journey through France. The decision of which road to take is up to you. Garage travelling is accepted. You will be hunting for ghosts in these colours: White, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, aqua, dark blue, purple, violet, pink and brown. The area is here: If you think you can, you'll be in for a chance to win a prize! That'll surely be better than going trick or treating, right? Halloween Hunt Prizes - Sunday 31st October Following your hard efforts hunting down the ghosts, here's what is up for grabs: Winner (first to find all ghosts and submit) - £25 Steam Gift Card Runner-up (second to find all ghosts and submit) - £14 Steam Gift Card Runner-up (third to find all ghosts and submit) - £10 Steam Gift Card Halloween Hunt Disclaimer - Sunday 31st October Digital gift cards will automatically convert to your local currency. Prize winners will be announced after the event! All participants which successfully hunt all twelve ghosts and submit via the form will receive a special Award on their profile! Profile Awards are very exclusive and a great way to show off your skills and participation. Don't miss out! Additional Event Info: Event Signup | Alternative Timezones | Event Rules | DLC: None required | Server: Official Halloween Convoy Happy trucking! -TruckersMP Team

  • Real Operations V12!
    on September 19, 2021 at 6:06 pm

    Greetings! If you attended our 11th Real Operations in June, you may have been impressed with our wide range of custom vehicles involved to pull off such a massive event. However, this time we are returning to American Truck Simulator! Introducing... Our upcoming Real Operations will be our best American Truck Simulator event yet! Featuring lots of new vehicles and operations, you will be joined by thousands of players experiencing our most thrilling American adventure. Everything will be happening in real-time for you and your fellow truckers to witness. From emergency vehicles responding to incidents, including; fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, to dynamic custom roadworks, rescue missions, and even police chases! Real Operations V12 There's not long to wait before you're in your truck and experiencing our twelfth edition of TruckersMP's largest scale event. We're very excited to confirm the event will be live on Sunday 26th September 2021 between the hours of 15:00 - 19:00 UTC. That's four hours to experience the real operations. If you're not sure when you can play in your timezone, please refer to our Alternative Timezones. Real Ops V12 will be held around eight different cities ranging from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. All of the cities and roads where the operations take place are shown in the event zone map below. In Real Operations, you can choose which city you start in, and where you want to end. You can take a trailer with any destination or use your own trailer if you've purchased one. You don't even need to set a destination! Participants are welcome to freely roam on the highlighted roads above to experience any route you choose. Want to check out that awesome operation again? You can always return to the operation by turning around safely at a junction or simply going around in a circle! Just don't stop in a live lane! This is going to be a unique event and as such the temporary rules have been adjusted to ensure it goes smoothly. It is strongly suggested that you read them before attending the event to ensure that you fall within them! Some important details if you want to join: Server: Real Ops V12 Temporary Official Event Rules: Click here! We hope you're as excited as we are.. see you there! TruckersMP Team

  • Truck Job Dispatcher
    on September 13, 2021 at 3:06 pm

    Hello truckers! Are you ready for a new and exciting feature here at TruckersMP? For a long time now people have been planning trips with friends and there has always been one recurring problem, you can never find the same job! Well, we now have a solution to that, introducing the Truck Job Dispatcher. The dispatcher does a very simple thing, it creates jobs. An entirely new system has been introduced with an interesting and helpful user interface that explains all the basics, you can select your starting company and a specific cargo to carry and you can then share this job publicly, privately or directly with your Steam friends. This introduces a whole new way to drive around the map with your friends and you will never have to worry about not having the same job ever again. You can find this new feature by opening your TAB menu and clicking your right mouse button, then you can navigate to a newly added button in the bottom left. Frequently Asked Questions: Will this be available for both games? Yes, definitely, this new feature will work in both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, as well as with the ProMods and ProMods Canada map modifications. How will this work with DLCs? If you do not have a certain DLC, such as the Heavy Cargo Pack, then the cargos and trailers from this DLC will not be accessible to you and they will not show in the listings. How does it add a job to my game? Quite simply, you will open the Truck Job Dispatcher via the Tab menu and configure the job to your liking, then you will be able to go through some checkboxes to either start the job immediately or to navigate to the company that you have selected. After selecting how you want to collect your new job you will then hit the create button and you will be all ready to hit the road. Check out the new additions to our Context Menu and the Job Dispatcher icon on the TAB menu: How do I invite someone to take a job with me? When you have a job from the dispatcher you can then right-click on someone’s username in the Tab menu and invite them to take a job with you, the user you invite will then have the opportunity to accept or decline this offer in chat, a prompt will be sent to them explaining what to do. We hope that you enjoy this new feature and have fun travelling with the same cargo as your fellow truckers! If you would like to see the Truck Job Dispatcher in action and find out more about how it works, then check out the most recent video on our YouTube channel here! TruckersMP Team

  • 1.41 Support Released!
    on August 1, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    Greetings! Just over two weeks ago, version 1.41 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator was released. Over these two weeks, our game developers have been working hard on porting our multiplayer client from version 1.40 to 1.41. We are all very excited to announce that TruckersMP is now compatible with version 1.41! You can also view information on this update via our changelog forum topic: Released - Development Announcements - TruckersMP Forum What does this compatibility update include? In anticipation of some popular questions, we have outlined what is included in our compatibility update, below: Euro Truck Simulator 2 version (64-bit) compatibility. American Truck Simulator version (64-bit) compatibility. ProMods Europe v2.56 support for 'ProMods' and 'ProMods Arcade' game servers. ProMods Canada v1.0.2 support for all American Truck Simulator game servers. World of Trucks 'Idaho Spuds' event support, including the associated cabin accessories rewards. Support for the latest version of New Summer Graphics/Weather modification (1.41 compatibility). Of course, if you have a question this blog didn't answer, please feel welcome to post it on our forum topic! We will answer them at our earliest convenience. Thank you to everyone for your patience over the last two weeks. Happy trucking! -TruckersMP Team

  • Patreon & Supporters Convoy - Sunday 1st August 2021
    on July 25, 2021 at 12:23 pm

    Greetings truckers! Are you prepared for our Patreon & Supporters convoy? This time around both Patrons, Nitro Boosters and Twitch Subscribers will all be able to join us on this great route through Germany with lots of amazing scenery! Join us on Sunday 1st August 2021 at 17:00 UTC. (Alternative Timezones) Starting out in Berlin we will be taking a wonderful route through some forests and also past the beach in the northern part of Germany! We will then head south towards Erfurt where the convoy will come to an end. It will be a nice and relaxing drive, so come along and join us as we take in the beauty of the journey. The convoy duration is estimated to be 90 minutes. There are no scheduled breaks or fuel stops; you are welcome to pull over into a safe place should you require some rest. Feel free to comment or ask any questions in the Patron channel or Supporters channel on our Discord! This is a Patreon, Nitro Booster and Twitch Subscriber exclusive event which means you must have an active subscription to one of our Patreon tiers, be a nitro booster of our Discord or have an active subscription to our Twitch channel. Please note that to be eligible to join as a Twitch subscriber you must be in our Discord with a connected TruckersMP account as well as having your Twitch account connected to your Discord profile. If you do not do this you will not be able to participate! Not a Patron yet, but want to participate? It is not too late, make sure you become one of our Patrons before the 31st of July! Become a Patron here. Don't forget to connect your Patreon account with your TruckersMP account! Not sure how you can do this? Click here! You can also subscribe to our Twitch channel here! Don't know how to connect your Discord account? Click here! Note: If you’re boosting our Discord before the 31st of July you are also able to participate. Departure: Berlin Destination: Erfurt Additional Event Info: Event Rules | DLC: None | Server: Patreon & Supporters Convoy We look forward to seeing you there! TruckersMP Team

  • Game Development Update
    on July 18, 2021 at 9:09 pm

    Dear Truckers, As you probably know, the official multiplayer (known as Convoy) is already here. Convoy is a great multiplayer game, though it is completely different from TruckersMP. Both multiplayers have their pros and cons, but at least TruckersMP gives you an alternative. For 7 years, TruckersMP most of the time was a part-time job (or more like hobby) for me. Usually done at night. In 2018 I had the opportunity to work for TruckersMP full-time for 6 months. Progress then was significant, but back then we had revenue only from Google Adsense and we could not afford investing into server infrastructure or even working full-time for a longer time. That is why I decided to join CD PROJEKT RED in the beginning of 2019. Of course it was also a pleasure for me to work on Cyberpunk 2077! As you may suspect, after this move I had much less time for TruckersMP. Again it started to be work done at night, I would say - hard crunch mode. We started our Patreon campaign in October 2019 and it showed me very quickly that the community wants more from this project. But at that time Cyberpunk 2077 was not even released, not speaking about patches. I could not leave my team there, so I decided to stay until the game was released along with patches. And now the time has come. I am currently on notice period, and starting from August I will have a chance to work on TruckersMP full-time again! It was only possible because of your support via Patreon! But I am still an enthusiast who wants to make this game the best. As you know, TruckersMP has its issues. We all know these issues: trolling missing gameplay features (e.g. economy) low quality a lot of bugs lack of VTC support in the game long waiting for support of new game version missing synchronization (e.g. weather, AI vehicles) But TruckersMP also has a lot of potential, but we really use only a little part of this potential at this moment. TruckersMP still is in its Open Alpha stage, version 0.2. We want more though. We would like to bring Open Beta 1.0. It is not just a version name change in code though. We need to address the issues above and fix them. Do not expect one very big patch which we will be working on for 2 years. This does not make any sense and most likely we would fail. Instead expect many small patches which will eventually lead us to the game we will be proud to call Beta 1.0. Do not think this will come in just one month. For that we might need a year or two. In the meantime we found a very talented person - ShawnCZek. For sure you know him from the features he brought so far to the game. But also Smoky turned out to be a very good game producer, as he makes sure we are heading in a good direction. Within the game development team we are motivated like never before. Our heads are full of ideas, we just need time and your support! Do not hesitate to give us your feedback, what you like, what you don't like. We will be hearing suggestions more than ever before. In the coming months we will focus the most on the technology aspect. We need to improve our tools for supporting the new game versions to make the whole process shorter and more efficient. We need to bring a new replication framework which will improve the quality of synchronization and will fix a few bugs related to it. This should also be easier to add new synchronized stuff to the game. In the future it should also make it possible to bring AI-driven vehicles to TruckersMP. Problem with trolling will be mitigated with the “Global Report System” - reports from the game will be centralized. It will be easier to review bans, moderation of the game will be shortened to handle capacity of our game servers. In the meantime we are planning to talk about bus-related matters with another instance in the community. More details about all of this soon! For now we are hard working on supporting the 1.41 game version, which should come closer to the end of month. From the community perspective it is better to have two multiplayers. You can always play alternative mode. Looking at complexity and dose of luck I would say that it is very unlikely that similar modification will be created in the future. Such an opportunity might never come again. Kind regards, mwl4 Game Developer

  • Summer on TruckersMP
    on June 21, 2021 at 2:32 pm

    The season for hiking, going to the beach and having picnics alongside the weather getting warmer, we’re finally back in summer! We are happy to confirm our continued support for the 2021 summer season for the summer environmental modification on TruckersMP for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. These mods enhance your gameplay by adding an improved summer environment alongside adding high-quality graphics that represent summer. In order to use this modification on our network, you need to follow a few steps which are a bit different compared to installing mods for singleplayer. You can find all the information on how to install the summer mod for the 2021 summer season on our knowledge base article: How to install the summer mod? If summer is not your style, it’s no problem as this modification is optional and not required to continue playing on TruckersMP. Similar to our support for other Grimes environmental mods, this modification is compatible with our ProMods servers so you can experience the enhanced summer gameplay all over TruckersMP! Looking back at the amazing Spring we’ve had where we celebrated our 7 year anniversary, saw the return of Real Operations and supported 1.40, it is time to move on and with this, we are disabling our support for the spring environment mod and this mod will no longer work on our network. Be sure to share all your best screenshots using the summer mod with us on social media platform by mentioning @TruckersMP on Twitter and @truckersmp.official on Instagram, who knows - we might even feature you! Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you have a good summer trucker, The TruckersMP Team

  • State of the Project and the Future
    on June 15, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    Hello, We recently had our 7th anniversary, which has been a blast. We thank every single one of you who has been here with us the past years or recently joined. I have planned 2021 to be the year of major changes. The year where we will focus on changing how TruckersMP works (internally) and providing certain highly-requested features to you. Maybe you remember that we had our 2020 Christmas video where I appeared at the end of the video showing multiple pictures in the back. People quickly started decoding the top image and found out what it meant. With this post, I am officially confirming that TruckersMP succeeded in making some major plans come true, thanks to you as the community and our staff team. I want to thank our Patrons in particular because they are the main ones who made it possible for us to have someone working full-time for TruckersMP. Starting July 2021, our Game Developer ShawnCZek will be the first person working for TruckersMP. Our dream is to have more people working full-time on the project, so we can provide better and more game and website-related features to you. To achieve this dream we mainly depend on the money coming from our Patrons. Last year, we were able to set money aside to achieve the first step of our dream. It is important to maintain the current income to achieve the second step of our dream, which is employing a second Game Developer. We hope to achieve this second step later this year. In 2022, we want to continue this path and employ at least one web developer as well, so we have multiple people who can create and maintain features daily. This being said, the Patreon campaign goals have been updated to the current situation and to what would be required to achieve the next steps. What else was visible on the image in the Christmas video? Bottom left picture: A lot of people instantly figured out this shape looks like a bus, which is indeed true. With our Alternating Vehicles, we made it possible that you will be able to drive a bus now and then. But, there is more! Hopefully later this year, you will find out more information regarding this. Bottom middle picture: This image is referring to a unique major event later this year, stay tuned for that! Bottom right picture: You can see a blurry shape of a trailer. It is referring to a custom TruckersMP trailer built from scratch. It will have a lot of customisation options. There will also be additional customisation options for Patrons. What are the plans for the project and the Patreon campaign? Over the past years, TruckersMP has grown continuously and we are slowly approaching 4.5 million accounts! Getting more players means we need to get more staff. In February, 885 of you applied for a position as Game Moderator. 7% of those were invited to an interview and we ended up welcoming a total of 30 new Game Moderation Trainees to our team! An increase of people in the community and staff means that more people want to express their opinions and provide their wish to get certain new features. We love that you share with us how you feel and what you would like to see in the project. As mentioned above, the Patreon campaign is essential for us to achieve our dreams. We will not solely focus on our Patrons alone, that would be a big shame. Though it needs to be mentioned that if we want to grow and if we want to bring everything that is planned, we will need to pay people ... and that means money is required. At the moment of writing this post, no one in TruckersMP is paid to work for TruckersMP. Every developer, manager and team member does their tasks mostly alongside school/work/... To be completely transparent with the community, I will be sharing the number of tasks that are currently waiting to be completed by Developers. This does not include all the 'accepted' suggestions, it includes feature requests submitted by staff members and community, minor and major tasks that are planned for years, and similar. The amount is 207 tasks. We hope to complete the majority of these tasks this year, which would mean that a long-awaited feature is planned to be released. As for the Patreon campaign, it is going very well and the current revenue makes us able to fulfil the needs for the first step of our dream described above. If we want to move on to the next steps, we will have to increase the revenue. As said when we started the Patreon campaign back in October 2019, we will not increase the prices of the current tiers, nor move around benefits of a current tier to a higher tier. We are currently brainstorming what we can do to make our Patreon campaign more appealing for new and existing players. We have compared our Patreon campaign to other campaigns in the gaming industry and were surprised about the popularity of some campaigns (and the lack of content that they are giving back to Patrons). When we asked for your opinions about what you would like to see as a reward in return for your subscription, the most requested one is a custom skin for truck/trailer. While this seems like something we would love to provide, it is currently not viable to do with how TruckersMP is currently built. Apart from that, the price of infrastructure will increase exponentially. A $10 tier is something very likely to come to the TruckersMP Patreon campaign somewhere this year or early next year, but as said above, we are thinking what could be worth providing for such a tier. An early access system or access to testing environments is maybe possible, but feel free to bring up things you would like to see for Patrons. If you are a Patron, what else would you like to see in return for your subscription? If you are not a Patron, what things would make you consider becoming one? Feel free to let us know by replying to the forum topic linked to this blog (or reply to this topic, if you are reading this on the forum). Suggestions Over the past years, you have submitted a huge amount of suggestions, which we want to thank you for. We have accepted, rejected and opened many suggestions for discussion. A lot of tasks for developers were made because of these suggestions. Sadly, we have never been able to give ETAs on when certain features can be expected. We plan to focus more on suggestions once we get our first paid Game Developer. It will then be easier to prioritise features and create a plan with deadlines. There is a possibility that we will ask you which things you want to see first. These can be little things like chat colours or displaying the tag in chat or can be major things like an economy system or maybe even something AI-related . Some previously accepted suggestions may be reviewed again to see if they are still needed, so possibly some of these can be rejected. But we will do our best to explain why something gets rejected while it was accepted in the past. With this being said, on behalf of the TruckersMP Team, I would like to thank you for playing TruckersMP in the past seven years, sharing pictures, videos, suggestions, feedback and so much more with us. It will be nice to see you on the road again and I hope these changes will make your TruckersMP experience better. Smoky Game Producer

  • Real Operations V11!
    on June 5, 2021 at 9:37 am

    Greetings! If you attended our 10th Real Operations in October, you may have been impressed with our wide range of custom vehicles involved to pull off such a massive event. With this, we are keeping Real Operations in Europe once more. Introducing... Our upcoming Real Operations will be the best Euro Trucks Simulator 2 event yet! Featuring lots of new vehicles and operations, you will be joined amongst thousands of players experiencing our most thrilling European adventure. Everything will be happening in real-time for you and your fellow truckers to witness. From emergency vehicles responding to incidents, including; fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, to dynamic custom roadworks, rescue missions, and even police chases! Real Operations V11 There's not long to wait before you're in your truck and experiencing our eleventh edition of TruckersMP's large scale event. We're very excited to confirm the event will be live on Saturday 12 June 2021 between the hours of 15:00 - 19:00 UTC. That's four hours to experience the real operations. If you're not sure when you can play in your timezone, please refer to our Alternative Timezones. Real Ops V11 will be held around eight different cities ranging from London, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. All of the cities and roads where the operations take place are shown in the event zone map below. In Real Operations, you can choose which city you start in, and where you want to end. You can take a trailer with any destination or use your own trailer if you've purchased one. You don't need to set a destination, either! Participants are welcome to freely roam on the highlighted roads above to experience any route you choose. Want to check out that awesome operation again? You can always return to the operation by turning around safely such as using a junction or simply going around in a circle! Just don't stop in a live lane! This is going to be a unique event and as such the temporary rules have been adjusted to ensure it goes smoothly. It is strongly suggested that you read them before attending the event to ensure that you fall within them! Some important details if you want to join: Server: Real Ops V11 Temporary Official Event Rules: Click here! We hope you're as excited as we are.. see you there! -TruckersMP Team

  • TruckersMP 7 Year Anniversary
    on May 1, 2021 at 11:00 am

    Dear players, Today we are celebrating seven years of TruckersMP! A multiplayer modification surrounded by an awesome community. Every tireless night of development has been worth it, and we are still going strong today. In May of 2020, we turned six years old and it was only right that we celebrated with a festival! The six hour festival was supported by our partner TruckersFM and we had a massive party. In June, we supported the Grimes Summer Mod which gave the community a summer experience on our servers! July brought us the very first Patreon Convoy which gave those who support us a chance to drive together and have some fun on the way. August then came around and we gave the community a chance to ask the Upper Staff some questions in the Summer Q&A. Everyone took great advantage of this and it allowed us to share some information on topics we hadn’t discussed before! Moving onto September we relaunched our Community Contributor program which was a huge success - it gave some of our online supporters recognition for their work and they continue to help us out every day. In October, we thought it was only right to celebrate with an Official Halloween Convoy and despite all the scary jump scares and twists and turns, it was a lot of fun for everyone involved. Also in October TruckersFM celebrated their fifth year anniversary with a big party! November was an exciting time for us, we opened and recruited for the Stream Team. This team was created to help improve interaction with the community on our streaming platforms and so far it has been a huge success, helping to stream all of our official events! In the last month of 2020, the wintery month of December, a wonderful time of year to give back. Last December we supported the RSPCA and the community helped to raise a huge £1,537 to support animals in need. In January we held our second Patreon convoy and we decided to head through the new DLC Colorado, we had fun and it was nice to bring everyone together. Then, something insane happened, we hit 4 million users in February. This was our fourth major milestone and we were so proud of this achievement - we look forward to continuing to grow with you all! In March we introduced a new feature, Alternating Vehicles and with the ability to vote, users can now come together and decide what vehicle they wish to drive for two weeks. Also in March we introduced a brand new event, the TruckersMP Tournament which put users to the test as they competed to be the winner of the competition through a series of different challenges. In April we moved Twitch channels and as a first stream we decided to give users the opportunity to work together to drive a truck in the Twitch Plays ETS2 stream. This brings us to now, May 2021 and we are just about to celebrate our seventh birthday here at TruckersMP. We can’t wait to tell you all about it next year! So, what is in store for 2021? We are planning some great things this year and we hope that this year can only get better following 2020. We have plans to create exciting community engagement through events and we hope that you join us on that journey! Thank you again for all your support and contributions last year, TruckersMP is an amazing place where everyone can come together in bad times and 2020 proved that. We appreciate every single one of you. Without you, TruckersMP would not be where it is today. We will continue to do our best to give back for all the support you have granted us over the past seven years. The TruckersMP Team

  • 1.40 Support Released!
    on April 27, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    Greetings! Towards the end of March, version 1.40 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator was released. Over the last four weeks, our developers have been working hard on porting our multiplayer client from version 1.39 to 1.40. After much anticipation, we are excited to announce that TruckersMP is now compatible with version 1.40! You can also view information on this update via our changelog forum topic. What does this compatibility update include? In anticipation of some popular questions, we have outlined what is included in our compatibility update, below: Euro Truck Simulator 2 version (64-bit) compatibility American Truck Simulator version (64-bit) compatibility ProMods Europe v2.55 support for 'ProMods' and 'ProMods Arcade' game servers ProMods Canada v1.0.1 support for all American Truck Simulator game servers Iberia DLC support (including No Collision Zone support at appropriate locations) World of Trucks 'Cruising Iberia' event support, including the 'Iberian Hunt' paint-job Support for the latest version of Spring Graphics/Weather modification (1.40 compatibility) Support for the Renault T 2021, including full synchronisation, and CB Radio Support for the Extended Chassis Update in American Truck Simulator Support for the Western Star 49X Update in American Truck Simulator Support for the #BestCommunityEver paint-jobs Updated the Scout vehicle and accessories for 1.40 compatibility Added a new Patron-exclusive Scout paint-job Reworked the Scout's Pilot paint-job Added a customised junction created by a previous Add-On Team member, between Rotterdam and Brussels, in an effort to improve traffic flow Reverted the custom Duisburg Services to default. Of course, if you have a question this blog didn't answer, please feel welcome to post it on our forum topic! We will answer them at our earliest convenience. Thank you to everyone for your patience over the last four weeks. Happy trucking! -TruckersMP Team

  • TruckersMP 7 Year Anniversary - Events
    on April 23, 2021 at 11:00 am

    Greetings! We are approaching a very special time of the year once again, as in just under a week, TruckersMP will be turning 7! On the 1st May 2014, TruckersMP (formerly known as ETS2MP) opened its doors to the public. Fast-forward to today; with over 4 million players as well as over £50,000 raised for charities at events in the community over the past 7 years which is a massive achievement, and millions of hours combined playtime, the success speaks for itself! For TruckersMP, the anniversary is always a special time of the year. It reminds us of how awesome our community is and what we have accomplished together. For that reason, it is important to come together and celebrate the success. Show your support by wearing #TMP7 in your player tag! With that said, we are very excited to announce our celebration plans coming in just a few days... Friday 30 April 2021 To begin our 7-year anniversary celebrations, we are inviting everyone in the community to join us for an exclusive event, never seen before in the community! Like last year, we are partnering again with Truckers.FM to bring you a one of a kind 6-hour Festival! Located in Silverstone, Nearby London we are opening up our Festival on a huge site next to the race track where our Tournament was located last month. This will include a spectacular custom stage, lots of party decorations, a custom dragstrip, race track and most importantly - great music broadcasted to you LIVE from the Truckers.FM studio. You can send song requests, shoutouts and listen in-game with our new built in radio feature for Truckers.FM on the in-game tab menu. All you have to bring is food and drinks! 😉 Not only that, but we will also be hosting other great content, such as; competitions, giveaways, shoutouts, and even interviews with TruckersMP Developers and Management! So please join us at the festival, enjoy the music, and party with our staff and the community! Directions to the festival at Silverstone will be provided from London. A trailer is not required. Both trucks and cars are welcome. The festival will be open on Friday 30th April between the hours of 17:00 - 23:00 UTC. Alternative Timezones: Server: TMP7 Festival The Festival server will be Non Collision, meaning your fun won't be cut short by someone blocking you from coming to the Festival. Everyone is welcome! Saturday 1 May 2021 Our second day of celebrations will bring us to American trucking! This year we will be starting from inside the land of S Crops at Santa Maria, where there is a large parking area, which is just off the highway junction of the 101. We will be departing the S Crop location of Santa Maria and be heading across America to the famous and well known Tucson Race Track. Along the way we will be announcing some giveaways throughout the convoy, so make sure you have your radio on & keep an eye on the announcements in-game for those as well as on the road. Departure Location: S Crop, Santa Maria. Departure Time: 17:00 UTC Destination Location: Race Track, Tucson. Estimated Convoy Time: 2 Hours Alternative Timezones: Server: TMP7 Convoy Convoy Rules: Sunday 2 May 2021 For day three, we will be returning back to Silverstone to depart our final convoy, which will be heading across the United Kingdom. This route will feature the departure from our Festival site will be a sight to behold as well as we travel through the scenic views of what Great Britain has to offer! There is large parking areas on site at Silverstone near the F7 Repair Shop. Departure Location: Silverstone, near London Departure Time: 17:00 UTC Destination Location: Swansea Estimated Convoy Time: 2 Hours Alternative Timezones: Server: TMP7 Convoy Convoy Rules: TMP7 Freeroam And that's not all! In addition to our three action-packed days of celebrations like last year, we are excited to bring back and announce that we will be returning our exclusive 'Freeroam' server! If you celebrated with us last year, you may remember that for the second time ever, we released a unique server in which the community could play online in a 'sandbox' environment. It was a massive success, and once again as a thank you to the community, we will be reopening it again exclusively for our TMP7 celebrations. So what's special about this server? On our TMP7 Freeroam [No Road Rules] server, players will be granted access to our staff-exclusive Police car! And, to ensure you can enjoy the experience with reduced restrictions, the server will have no road rules enforced, with the player collisions ON. The server will be available on Euro Truck Simulator 2 & an new addition for this year will also be American Truck Simulator for the first time, exclusively between Monday 3rd May - Monday 17th May. Click here for TMP7 Freeroam server rules! Thank you for playing! <3 -TruckersMP Team

  • 1.40 Development Update
    on April 13, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    Greetings! We understand there is a lot of anticipation towards our multiplayer support for version 1.40, and with it, comes lots of questions. Therefore, we are happy to announce our Development Update 1.40, which will hopefully, answer your questions and concerns. With American Truck Simulator 1.40 releasing on the 23rd of March, and Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.40 releasing on the 24th of March, our community have been anxiously awaiting TruckersMP's multiplayer support of the latest versions for three weeks. Although our support is not yet ready, we wanted to be clear on our current progress, and answer some popular questions from the community. Of course, if there are additional questions you would like to ask, you are welcome to post them on our forum topic. We will monitor the topic over the next few days and answer them as soon as possible. So, without further delay, it's time to answer the most popular questions about the update! When is multiplayer support for 1.40 expected to release? A lot of effort has gone into porting the multiplayer modification already, but there is still a substantial amount of work to do. We are currently anticipating a release towards the end of April. This estimate can be extended if there are any setbacks during the process. Why do these updates take so long? Although a lot of the porting process has been automated over the years, there is still a lot of work to do manually. Additionally, although the TruckersMP Team consists of over 230 members, it's only our two Game Developers that have the knowledge, skills, and tools to prepare the port from 1.39 to 1.40. In addition to them working on the update, they have personal commitments in the real world. To support them as much as possible, the whole team will be participating in test builds during the porting process. If you're curious about the process our Game Developers have to port our multiplayer modification to support the latest versions, check out mwl4's breakdown in our previous Development Update topic, here: 1.38 Development Update | Forum Post. How can I stay up-to-date with information about 1.40 multiplayer support? We will ensure you are informed by keeping our social media channels and information regularly updated. You can check them out below: TruckersMP News | Development Announcements (forums) | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook I already updated to 1.40, how can I play on the multiplayer servers? As multiplayer does not support 1.40 yet, you will need to downgrade your game version. We have provided a guide on how to downgrade your games to 1.39 here: How to downgrade You can also view our video guide on how to downgrade, here: How To: Downgrade Your Game. Will ProMods ETS2 v2.55 and ATS v1.0.1 be supported? It is estimated that ProMods ETS2 v2.55 and ATS v1.0.1 will be supported shortly after our initial compatibility update for 1.40. Therefore, the ProMods multiplayer servers will be temporarily unavailable when the 1.40 compatibility support is initially released. This is likely to only take a few additional days to support, whilst we make the necessary preparations. Will 'Iberia' DLC be supported? The new Iberia DLC will be supported, including No Collision Zone support in appropriate locations. Will the World of Trucks 'Cruising Iberia' event be supported? If the event has not already concluded, it will be supported when we release multiplayer compatibility for 1.40. It's worth noting that the event will conclude on Tuesday the 11th of May at 23:59 UTC. Has the new lighting system affected the multiplayer porting process? No, the updated lighting system introduced in 1.40 has not affected multiplayer in a substantial way. There are, however, some minor issues with our Scout vehicle's headlights/beacons, which will be resolved for our update. Are there any FMOD-related issues affecting the multiplayer porting process? No! Since client version, issues related to the FMOD sound engine have been resolved. This will continue to be functioning correctly in multiplayer, in 1.40. Will the Renault T 2021 be supported? Yes, the Renault T 2021 will be supported, including full synchronisation, and CB Radio. Will the Spring Graphics/Weather modification be supported in 1.40? Yes. The Spring Graphics/Weather modification by Grimes has already been updated for 1.40 and will be supported in multiplayer. Our Knowledge Base article (How to install the Spring Mod?) will be updated to reflect the latest version, when our 1.40 compatibility support has been released. Why are you focusing on creating official events, instead of working on the new version? Although the TruckersMP Team consists of over 230 staff, each person has an area of the project to focus on. As such, official events are created by the Event Management and Event Team. They collectively spend thousands of hours to provide the community with fresh and exciting events. However, the multiplayer port to 1.40 is an effort our two Game Developer's focus on. Presently, only mwl4 and ShawnCZek work on the game client, as they possess the knowledge, skills, and tools to prepare the port from 1.39 to 1.40 Why are you still focusing on the Alternating Vehicles project, instead of preparing 1.40 support? Similar to our official events, we have staff working in our Add-On Management and Add-On Team, dedicated to preparing the vehicles every two weeks. This project does not affect the Game Development's progress on porting multiplayer to 1.40 in any way. Why are new DLCs, such as paint jobs, supported within a few days, but major game versions take weeks/months? Our Game Developers have spent a lot of time creating systems to automate a lot of the porting process. Fortunately, the majority of the work required to implement the latest DLCs is now automated, with manual work kept to a minimum. However, major game versions, such as 1.40, still require a lot of manual work. New game versions introduce hundreds, sometimes even thousands of changes to the game code. All of these changes need to be reflected in the multiplayer code and updated accordingly. Although a lot of this process is automated, a large portion of these code changes need to be manually analysed and addressed, which takes hundreds of hours. The game servers have been unstable recently, what's going on? Our DevOps team are aware of the ongoing server stability issues in the past few weeks and are continuing to investigate. Unfortunately, as explained in a recent Status update, the datacentre some of our game servers were located suffered a fire, which resulted in a lot of interruption to our European game servers. Although our servers are now back at full capacity, there remain some stability issues that are out of our control. We are in contact with our server provider and are actively looking into solutions to resolve the issues. This concludes our development update for 1.40 multiplayer compatibility. Although there are still a few days to go, we are all very excited to see you online in 1.40, and cannot wait to wave to you as we pass along the roads of Iberia. Our appreciation goes out to everyone showing support to the team - your words of encouragement are what keep us going! Your patience and understanding are appreciated! Thank you. -TruckersMP Team

  • Easter Egg Hunt - 2021
    on March 29, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    Hello truckers! Last year, we received an urgent call from EuroGoodies about some eggs which had gone missing. Thanks to the community, we managed to collect all the eggs and deliver them safely to EuroGoodies, in eggcellent condition! This year, it appears another company have cracked under the pressure! Control has failed to contact the LKW drivers with the eggs, leaving supermarket shelves frying under immense pressure and we need your help to find them! You're invited to support the hunt in finding the eggs, which have vanished in the France & Germany region. The event will take place on Sunday 4th April 2021 from 16:00 UTC to 20:00 UTC. Click here for alternative timezones. The task is simple! You'll need to find the yellow, blue, pink, red, black & green eggs as well as the drivers responsible for travelling with them. However, the drivers of the Gold egg & Teal egg have been spotted by several eyewitnesses driving around! Control has attempted to contact the driver behind the wheel, however no reply since. How to play Eight eggs have vanished across the France & Germany region. Finding them is essential. If you're in the top three participants to find all the eggs the quickest, you'll win a special prize. The eggs are represented by our Event Team, with the Player Tag of which colour egg they are, e.g. 'Yellow Egg'. They will not appear on the PlayerView list nor ETS2Map, so your only way to find them is by being vigilant, and looking out for them on your GPS! How does it work Connect to the Easter Egg Hunt 2021 server on Euro Truck Simulator 2, and prepare for the 16:00 UTC start. Player collisions will be disabled. Meetup with your fellow participants in the France & Germany region. Any company yard is fine. Leave your trailers at your garage, you won't be needing them. Speed is key. You will have four hours, from 16:00 - 20:00 UTC to make your journey through France, as well as Germany. The decision of which road to take is up to you. Garage travelling is accepted. When you have found an egg, toggle your PlayerView ON by pressing TAB. Then take a screenshot by pressing F12, to prove you found it. You must be able to see the egg, as well as your PlayerView in order to fully complete the find. When you have found all eight eggs, you are eligible to submit your entry into the competition by completing our form. Further instructions will be provided in the form on Sunday. Prizes Following your hard efforts hunting down the eggs, here's what is up for grabs: Winner (first to find all eggs and submit) - £25 Steam Gift Card Runner-up (second to find all eggs and submit) - £14 Steam Gift Card Runner-up (third to find all eggs and submit) - £10 Steam Gift Card Digital gift cards will automatically convert to your local currency. Prize winners will be announced after the event! In addition to this, all participants which successfully hunt all eight eggs and submit a valid entry before the end of the event will receive a special Award on their profile! Profile Awards are very exclusive and a great way to show off your skills and participation. Don't miss out! Hints France and Germany have a lot of roads, busy ones in fact! The famous C-D road, Calais & Duisburg cities as well. With this, it may be quite hard to find them all quickly. Not to worry, we've got your back! If you need a hint about the locations, we will be updating this blog during the event every 30 minutes! So if you can't quite crack it, come back here. Yellow Egg Hint: Revealed! Blue Egg Hint: Revealed! Pink Egg Hint: Revealed! Red Egg Hint: Revealed! Black Egg Hint: Revealed! Green Egg Hint: Revealed! Submission Form Click here to submit We hope you will have as much fun at this event as we do hosting it. Please feel welcome to post any comments or questions on our forums! Happy hunting!

  • Twitch Plays Euro Truck Simulator 2
    on March 27, 2021 at 2:15 pm

    Today, on April 1st, we would like to spice up our routine. One truck driver is fine, but how about hundreds more? Twitch Plays Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a social experiment, a crowdsourced attempt to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 through the Twitch chat. Everyone in the chat, with help of chat commands, can drive one and only one available truck and (hopefully) be successful in the game in general. Inspired by many others Twitch Plays games, we expect pure chaos and sudden unity of the chat players This is our first attempt to make a Twitch Plays game, so there is no particular goal to pursue. Haul a cargo, drive without it, make the truck fly - you name it! -> You can check the VOD here <- Chat Commands: Notice You are allowed to do whatever you want with the commands on the stream, e.g. trolling. However, if we notice a user consistently trying to disrupt the stream by intentional trolling, they may be subject to punishment. TruckersMP Team

  • Spring has sprung!
    on March 24, 2021 at 8:00 pm

    Hi truckers, It has stopped snowing, the days are getting warmer, the grass is green and the trees are starting to blossom. It can only mean one thing, spring has sprung! Even if it may not feel like it, we’ve gone full circle and it is spring once again. Where has the time gone!? All jokes aside, we’re excited to confirm that we’re working with Grimes to support the Spring Graphics/Weather mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and, for the first time, American Truck Simulator. In order to use this modification on our servers, there are a few extra steps you need to follow compared to installing mods for singleplayer. Upon the mod creators request, you will have to download this mod from a third-party website. You can find all the information in our knowledge base article here: How to install the Spring Mod? As with the various other Grimes environmental mods, this modification is optional and not required to play on any of our servers. On top of this mod, we will be supporting the Default HDR Bloom add-on created by Grimes. Same as the winter mod, we will not be supporting the Darker Nights add-on. With the addition of spring mod and the removal of winter mod, we will see the mandatory headlight times return to 9pm until 5am in-game time. Make sure to capture and share your best moments with us on Twitter and Instagram! We hope you have a great yet safe spring from us here at TruckersMP!

  • TruckersMP Tournament - Saturday 27th March 2021
    on March 20, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    Greetings, truckers! A new year brings a new event! It's time to tear up the roads with the new TruckersMP Tournament featuring our custom built Racing Circuit, Drag Strip, Knock the Cone and Reversing Challenge! Make sure you set a date in your calendar for the 27th March at 12:00 UTC. Click here for more timezones. Our brand new competitive TruckersMP event will be making an appearance in just a few days! The tournament will see hundreds of truckers attending, each bringing their experience behind the wheel to reach for the prestigious golden title - Tournament Champion. As well as a lot of high-speed action, we see a lot of spin-outs, crashes, jumps, and drifting on our track. We will also see many people smash through the cones on our unique Knock the Cone event. Sounds exciting? Keep on reading... For this event, we will be visiting our custom built version of Silverstone housing the four main events! You must be available for whole event to enter! The event consists of five rounds each with their own unique challenge. Each round will see some succeed and some unfortunately eliminated. Round One The first event will consist of drag races, with eight players competing in each race. Here are the requirements and instructions on how to enter: Be available from 12:00 UTC - Click here for more timezones. (The first drag race starts at 13:00 UTC. The event is expected to run for around six hours). Able to understand English (to read event instructions). Connect to the TruckersMP Tournament 2021 server. Ensure your truck is fully fuelled, serviced, and prepared for the first event. (There is a service station and fuel station on site) Meet up in London city centre, where there will be signs directing you towards the Silverstone complex and the queue system for the first event. Be sure to get their first so you don't miss out! Please ensure you're familiar with the event rules before participating! Eight players will be selected from the queue (First come first served) to compete in a drag race. How many players qualify depends on how many players attend. For example, if 216 players compete, only half will qualify, meaning the fastest 4 of 8 from each race will qualify. The maximum number that can compete is 432 players! After all of the races are concluded, the fastest 108 players will qualify for the next round. If you didn't qualify, there may still be an opportunity! Should a qualified player not turn up for their event, we will randomly select a runner up, should you be online. Round 2 For everyone who qualified for the championship, this will be your big moment! Running parallel to the drag strip is the infamous Knock the Cone event which will see a test of speed and braking. How late do you dare to slam on? If you qualified, please ensure you are online throughout as we will start to place you concurrently alongside the first event. Here's a quick overview of what to expect! Having qualified for Knock the Cone, shortly before the first race begins qualified players will be teleported to the location. There will be one practice run only, so you can get a feel for where the cones are at the end of the strip. Your aim is to knock the front cone (marked by the first of the two white lines) over WITHOUT hitting the back two over (marked by the second of the two white lines). If you hit the back cones (or cross the second line) you will be disqualified. The first to hit the first cone but not the second is the winner! Round 3 Quarter-Final Having survived Knock the Cone this next challenge will require you to hitch up your trailer as we test your reversing skills to the max with a set of different challenges. You will race against the clock in your booth supervised by an eager pair of eyes watching for you to cross the line. This is a time trial event with each challenge getting more complex and sees one person eliminated each time you progress until only two remain! Be careful you don't want to cross the line else you will have to start again! You can shunt forward as many times as you like providing you remain within the lines. However, this should be a last resort as you will be racing against the others in your heat! Round 4 Semi-Final Congratulations on making it this far! You will now get the chance to race on our coveted National Racing Circuit! You will race against six other players on our obstacle filled track with your starting position being judged by your finishing time on the last reversing challenge! The top three from both races will qualify for the final! Round 5 Final You're in the final! This is the last race of the series and you've managed to outrun (or brake) the competition and you will not leave empty handed! Survive this round to be crowned the Tournament Champion! The races will be streamed to the official TruckersMP Twitch channel! Rewards Qualifier Each Championship qualifier will receive a unique profile award! Finalists Make it to the final, and we'll also be awarding you an additional prize! 2nd place: £25 Steam gift card 3rd place: £20 Steam gift card 4th place: £14 Steam gift card 5th place: £10 Steam gift card 6th place: £4 Steam gift card Tournament Champion Being crowned the Tournament Champion will also grant you the following rewards: Exclusive Champion Award on your profile, for all of your well-deserved bragging rights. A hefty £50 Steam gift card Gift cards will be automatically converted to your local currency via Steam. Feel free to post on our forum topic to ask questions, or share your excitement! -TruckersMP Team

  • Alternating vehicles - announcing new feature
    on March 1, 2021 at 12:04 pm

    Hey everyone, Today we are starting with a new concept in TruckersMP. We want to bring more diversity by adding new ways of playing TruckersMP. Of course, our main focus will remain on truck-related things. Hauling cargo together, creating events, … Over the past years, the community has created countless suggestions about bringing new vehicles to the game. Common things we saw are “please bring a new car” or “please bring buses”. Certainly, not everyone likes cars and similarly, not everyone likes buses. Behind the scenes, we have been working for a long time (years) on creating new ways to play our modification. We want to be transparent with the community by providing insight into what is going on. Development on the new game mode which we gave an update about early 2019, is still paused. This game mode is a long-awaited feature, but after doing a lot of research and development, we sadly realized that currently, it is not viable to bring this to the community. Though, efforts are being made to make it possible closer to the end of the year. Game Developers mwl4 and ShawnCZek are working hard to rewrite and improve our current systems, which would allow us to build the ‘new game mode’ in a better way in the future. Apart from these improvements, the Game Developers are also working on a new system that will improve moderation in the game and can create unique situations at the same time. This system will be used on Simulation, Arcade and Event servers. We expect to see this new system come to life within the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our social media to stay up to date. Anyway, let’s get deeper into the new concept we are bringing to TruckersMP now. As said above, we have had tons of requests from the community to bring new vehicles. The new concept will make this happen. Every two weeks, we will create a poll where the community can vote on which car they want on our servers. Patrons will have a separate vote which allows them to vote for a second car only available for them (for the Master Trucker tier only). The polls will happen on multiple systems. Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon (for Patrons only) and the TruckersMP website (a system we are still working on). Sometimes you will be able to choose between two or three cars, while other times there might be five or more. The chosen cars will be removed again after two weeks and replaced with the newly voted vehicles. How it will look Every two weeks, you will be able to vote for new vehicles which will be added to the game for two weeks. Today, 1st March, we will start the first poll which will be hosted on Discord. If you linked your Discord account correctly with your TruckersMP account and navigate to the #alternating-vehicles channel on our official Discord server, you will see that you can vote between the vehicles in the channel. You can also head to #roles, and clicking the blue car emote will give you the Alternative Vehicles role so you can stay updated on new polls. Patrons will be able to vote via a post in their #patrons-updates channel. On Friday 5th March at 22:59 UTC, we will check which vehicles received the most votes. The following Monday, we will then add the vehicles to our servers. A week later, we will start the new poll and the other above-mentioned steps, but the vote will then be on a different system. On 15th March, we will then remove the first vehicles and replace them with new ones. If you have purchased one of these special vehicles, it will be replaced with the new one automatically. The vehicles will either have the existing Scout interior or a truck interior, as it is not viable to create a custom interior for all the vehicles. Using this concept, we want to bring ‘something for everyone.’ Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new vehicle polls. Please note: We will do our best to stick to the plan, however, things may change along the way. New game updates or other factors might have an impact on this concept. If this is the case, please keep an eye on our social media pages where we will make you aware of any bumps along the road. We have worked hard for the last eight months to bring this new concept to life, and we really hope you enjoy this new feature within TruckersMP! Your feedback is always appreciated, so head over to the feedback system and select the category Community Management to let us know your thoughts. We cannot wait to see how the community reacts to and makes use of these new additions within the game, and we are excited to continue working on other features to bring later this year. Thanks for your continued support. Keep trucking! UPDATE March 2nd 2021: In previous revisions, we have not mentioned the Patreon tier eligible for an additional car. To remove this confusion, we have updated the article and highlighted the availability of Patreon-only cars for the Master Trucker tier only. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • February 2021 TruckersMP rules update
    on February 14, 2021 at 2:52 pm

    Hello everyone, The latest rules update has been published and with this blog post we would like to explain why we have made such changes, as well as giving an insight on further changes in terms of punishments. The first relevant change is related to the 1.2§ - Ban Evading rule. The punishment for evading a ban, more often than not, resulted into a permanent ban due to the severity of the offences committed through multiple accounts. We have decided to standardize punishments for Ban Evading to a permanent ban. What is classed as Ban Evading? Evading a ban includes any attempt to avoid a punishment, which includes but is not limited to: Creating a new Steam account and a new TruckersMP profile to use services you are banned from (appeal, web report and feedback system, servers); Borrow another player's account and use TruckersMP services you are banned from; Take down your own evidence that got you banned in order to get the ban removed. It is worth explaining that we are going to put greater effort to spot Ban Evaders for 2.1§ related offences and severe intentional offences. Another internal change that will also affect you is the ability to report Ban Evaders. Our focus is to have a lean approach on what we do, freeing ourselves of steps that are often unproductive and provide close to no results. We have worked a lot on web reports and feedback tickets by checking accounts we received and we deem this method highly inefficient. Out of 6496 Ban Evading reports we processed, barely 30% of them was classed as a valid web report and resulted in a ban. Starting today, it won't be possible to report in any way Ban Evaders through the web report system or the feedback system, all BE related processes will be handled internally with the appropriate tools available for the Game Moderation Management. Further improvements have been made to 1.4§ - Reporting users. We have improved wording to let players and staff members have a better understanding of the rules and we also decided to publicly share the punishments we have been issuing for the past year as per internal rules. From now on, the GM Team will decline any report that does not comply with the rules in order to increase the average quality of web reports and for certain rules violations, the Game Moderation Management will manually issue a 30 days ban from the web report system which will need to be appealed through the feedback system. The second offence will be permanent. We feel like this is a necessary step due to the outstanding amount of total web reports declined that goes as high as 326,989, 26% of the total received. Following the Road to Simulation #2 blog post, we would like to take further steps forward in preventing intentional offences from happening on our servers. The Game Moderation Management has made wide use of the 2.9§ rule in the past months and issued permanent bans, even as first bans, to players that were intentionally violating rules. Back in 2019 we have issued a total of 14,323 permanent bans which are still active as of today. In 2020, we stepped it up at 17,919 permanent bans with an increase of 25%. We do not intend to stop this trend: we will make further internal changes to ban people even faster that intentionally violate the rules for driving-related offences. We will be restricting the loop further on racist remarks and we will be having a zero-tolerance policy for racism-related offences and we'll go as far as issuing instant permanent bans for such violations. TruckersMP is a worldwide community, full of players of any age and any origin and we won't consider racism as "just" a worse insult any longer. In the past months, we have already started issuing harsher bans for such offences, however, we want to make it clear what we will be doing with such events. One major change that you can read in our latest rules update is the restricted use of anything related to criminal organizations on tags, avatars, names, VTC names etc. on all our services. At TruckersMP we've always restricted the possibility to impersonate in any way other users, staff members, political figures, law enforcement, leaders and authorities of any kind and we do not believe allowing the use criminal organizations such as the "Mafia" are fit for our community. We do not support nor encourage the views of such organizations and for this reason, we do not want these to be part of our servers. We are very well aware that some specific names are widely used in the community, which is why we will be giving a 7 days cool down to remove and/or change all criminal organization related content, whether they are in-game tags, usernames, vehicle tags, VTC names and tags, avatars etc. After the cooldown has ended, on the 21/02/2021, we will proceed to issue punishments for in-game related offences and hand-made changes for the other TruckersMP related services such as Forums, VTCs and TruckersMP profiles as we do on a daily basis for other violations of the 1.5§ rule.

  • 4 Million Users!
    on February 3, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    Hello truckers, On January 21st 2018, we announced that TruckersMP had hit an amazing 2 million users. On November 12th 2019, we announced that TruckersMP had hit an outstanding 3 million users. This is going to be insane, but we are proud to announce that today we have surpassed the 4 million users mark! This is seriously beyond our expectations! When TruckersMP was first created and established in 2014 we never thought this, at the time, a small project would become this popular with this many registered accounts. It seriously amazes us! So on behalf of the entire TruckersMP Team, we thank you for joining us on this journey and thank you for playing your part in our history. As we continue our work to secure a bright future for this project, it is important to never forget how far we have come and what we have achieved. So, let's take a look back at some of the major developments and achievements since the last milestone. 2019.. May 1 2019: TruckersMP turns 5 years old! - we celebrated our five year anniversary. Five amazing, wonderful and interesting years of work to build up this project to where it is today. Thanks to our fans, players and staff for all that they do to make this possible. It is not easy, but we have a superb group of people working behind the scenes. July 2 2019: Road to Simulation - we decided to change our focus to return to our roots of true simulation. With this, we altered our server settings to create simulation and arcade servers so there is something for everyone. Launch of this was generally mixed but we saw more positive feedback being sent to us. We thought that it was important - that based on your feedback - we make changes to ensure that TruckersMP is going in the right direction. July 13 2019: VTC System - considering Virtual Trucking Companies play a major part in our community, we wanted to be able to bring all VTC's together and make a dedicated feature for them. Within this new fully integrated system, customisable roles, ranks, VTC information, social media links, ability to post announcements, news and much more are available all within your own page right on our website. Feedback from this has been great and we're glad that company owners are enjoying it. September 25 2019: ProMods here we come! - after years of our users questioning and asking, we have finally agreed to implement ProMods into the multiplayer experience. We were & are still so excited about this. Demand for ProMods has been high for years and it has taken a great deal of work to get to this point. We hope you love this new feature as much as we do! Our partners over a ProMods deserve a special thanks for making this possible, as well as our own development team. October 2019: Official Partnerships! - we are delighted for this to become a feature of the community. Recognizing those special projects that bring so much to our community day in day out, contributing to TruckersMP in many ways to bring about an interactive, dedicated and active community within TruckersMP. A special feature that will bring with it exciting additions in the future! October 2019: Patreon Launch! - to further support our internal projects and the servers, we launched a Patreon where users can pay a monthly amount to support us alongside getting some super cool perks! 2020… May 2020: TruckersMP turns 6 years old... - another massive milestone for TruckersMP was with our 6 year anniversary where we ran a weekend of events in collaboration with Truckers.FM for the debut edition of “The Festival” event where truckers came out to a custom stage made by our Add-On Team alongside a drag racing strip! Truckers.FM also provided live music from presenters during the entire event. July 2020: TFM and TMP in-game - a big development for our partnership with Truckers.FM was when we added commands in-game that would give you information on what was going on at TFM. We also added a custom radio box that you could see all this information on! October 2020: Stream Team - a brand new team was introduced to TruckersMP for the first time in 2 years, the Stream Team! This team consists of members who are dedicated to stream on our Twitch channel. September 2020: Community Contributor Relaunch - the Community Contributor program was reworked where the public could nominate members and we could promote those in our community who are dedicated and go the extra mile to promote TruckersMP. December 2020, Event System - a long awaiting feature to be added was the Event System that was released in December where users could publish and promote their events they would hold on our platform. This was later integrated with VTCs and has obtained over 500 events in the first month! December 2020: Christmas Convoy & Stream Team introduction - our second annual charity Christmas Convoy was held for the RSPCA where we raised over £2,500. Alongside this, it was the first time we saw Official Streamers go live! December 2020: ProMods Canada - to end the month right, we expanded our partnership with ProMods to support their new Canada modification on day 1 which we were super hyped about alongside the community! 2021… January 2021. VTC verification reopening - we reopened verification applications for those VTCs who are actively using our VTC system and meet the requirements with over 40 verified VTCs! February 2021: 4 million users - Here we are today, a massive 4 million users on our network... We welcome another million users to this amazing community. We are confident that we will continue to grow and prosper in the future, with even more exciting features to come, even more developments to be made and even more fun to be had here at TruckersMP. A serious special thank you to our staff; we could not do this without you. You are the amazing group of people that keep this project running. We once again thank YOU for all your support as we continue this amazing journey. Truly, we could not do it without you. To celebrate this incredible achievement, we have some incredible giveaways coming up on our Social Media platforms, in-game and on the Forum! Keep an eye out on our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to seeing you at our next milestone, #TMP7. The TruckersMP Team

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