Last updated on October 3, 2020


Tank ID: 897 Nation: Sweden Name: Lago Tank Type: MediumTank Tag: S04_Lago_I Tier: IV

Crew Members of Lago:
Member: Commander
Roles: Commander & Radio Operator

Member: Driver
Roles: Driver

Member: Gunner
Roles: Gunner

Member: Loader
Roles: Loader

Development was started in 1936 by the Landsverk company. The new vehicle incorporated some elements of the L-60 light tank. In 1939, Hungary took an interest in the project. By the time the first prototype was produced in 1940, Hungary decided to develop their own medium tank on the basis of the Škoda T-21. Later, some technical solutions were applied in the development of the Strv m/42 tank.

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