Strv M/40L

Last updated on October 3, 2020

swedenStrv m/40L

Tank ID: 641 Nation: Sweden Name: Strv m/40L Tank Type: LightTank Tag: S12_Strv_M40 Tier: III

Crew Members of Strv m/40L:
Member: Commander
Roles: Commander & Radio Operator

Member: Driver
Roles: Driver

Member: Gunner
Roles: Gunner & Loader

In 1940, the Swedish army experienced an acute need for armored vehicles. One of the solutions to the problem was the modernization of the L-60 tanks. The first 100 modernized vehicles received improved armor and a new automatic transmission. Modernization was performed by AB Landsverk; this is why these vehicles entered service named Strv m/40L. Later, vehicles that were manufactured at the factory in Karlstad were equipped with more powerful engines, improved suspension, and armor. These vehicles were designated Strv m/40K.

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