TruckersMP Halloween 2023 – Events

Greetings truckers!

The scariest time of the year is almost upon us!

We have been well known over the past years for hosting our annual Halloween convoy, full of spooks and scares. However, this year the ghosts and ghouls at TruckersMP have decided to take our celebration of spooky season to the next level – with a dastardly duo of events including The Big Pumpkin Pickup, and our unique Halloween experience, you are certainly in for a trick or treat.

Read on to find out all of the information…if you dare!

The Big Pumpkin Pickup

We have been hard at work constructing a brand new farm just outside Rostock, where magically large pumpkins have been growing just in time for Halloween.

Delivery of these impressive pumpkins (they truly are a sight to behold!) are required to locations all across Europe. However, there was a bump in the night and the specialist delivery drivers that were on their way to take on this frightful task mysteriously vanished – their last known whereabouts are believed to have been somewhere near a haunted highway…

…So, we’re calling on the community for your help! Here are all the details:

To pick up these seasonal cargoes, simply head to our custom farm just outside Rostock. Check out the map below!

As a reward for taking part in The Big Pumpkin Pickup you will earn a special achievement for your profile.

To get this achievement you must deliver a minimum of 5 seasonal cargoes across Europe.

Be warned that delivering a load to the city of Rostock will NOT count towards this achievement.

The cargoes for this event are called “Giant Pumpkins” & “Halloween Supplies”.

This event will begin on the 20th October and you have until the 31st October to finish all the deliveries.

TruckersMP’s Halloween Experience

Halloween just got even spookier at TruckersMP. We are devilishly delighted to introduce our all-new Halloween experience!

Join us on the 29th October to take part in this never seen before event. We can’t tell you too much about it ahead of time, because that would let the witches cat out of the bag and spoil the surprise! However, you can be sure this is an event not to be missed! Here are all the details:

The server will open at 15:00 UTC and the event will finish at 21:00 UTC. You may join the server between any of these times. Alternative Timezones

Once joining the server you MUST spawn at Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.

Please do not spawn at any other city as the roads may be blocked/closed and will be classed as free roaming.

Once spawning at Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, there will be a custom queue system, we ask you to respect and follow all instructions from Event Staff and signage in the area.

This experience will not be like a convoy as we plan to manage it a little differently from previous years to make this experience even better.

You can view the event rules here

As a reward for being brave and taking part in TruckersMP’s Halloween Experience, you will receive a special achievement for your profile.

If you have any feedback about our Halloween events we’d love to hear from you – let us know what you think on the forum, Discord or by submitting a feedback ticket to Event Management

We hope you have a spooky but fun Halloween!

-TruckersMP Team

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