Last updated on October 3, 2020

swedenUDES 16

Tank ID: 5249 Nation: Sweden Name: UDES 16 Tank Type: MediumTank Tag: S27_UDES_16 Tier: IX

Crew Members of UDES 16:
Member: Commander
Roles: Radio Operator & Commander & Loader

Member: Driver
Roles: Driver

Member: Gunner
Roles: Gunner & Loader

Further development of the UDES 14E2 project was proposed by the Hägglunds company. The vehicle was to have a lowered silhouette and be equipped with a 105 mm autoloader gun. In 1974, the project was merged with the Bofors project, which resulted in the UDES 15/16 project. No prototypes were built.

Read More on Tankpedia: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/tankopedia/5249-S27_UDES_16/

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